Blue Ribbon Winner is a Two-Time Honoree

Arthur Campbell... most folks call him "C.C." has been running a very clean kitchen for years.  He runs Veterans Northside Bar-b-que two blocks west of Broadway on MLK Boulevard.

"Like the military when you mess up you clean it up, and you have no problem," he says.

Not a white glove test... but close. With what can be very messy food, twhite counter leaves nothing to hide.

"Just keeping it wiped down with a white kitchen, anytime you can look into the kitchen and see white. You can see everything on a white, that's why we have a white kitchen."

Campbell says most of his customers are regulars from the neighborhood surrounding him on Martin Luther King Boulevard, just west of Broadway.

"A lot of friends, a lot of veterans come through."

To look at the history on the walls. Patches, medals, and memorabilia. Much is donated... some is his.  He's a Vietnam Veteran... wounded in the war.

"It taught me a lot of things, about life, how people want to be treated, how to get along with them."

And, his restaurant is a place vets come if they need a helping hand, or just to talk.

"We act as an outreach program for veterans when they need disability go to the hospital, so it's not just a barbecue place, it's an outreach for that too."

"Food is great! The slogan: "You need no teeth to eat this food."  My mom is kinda the cause of that slogan, we work real real hard to keep good food here."

Hard work... the only way to please the health inspector, and to win another Channel 7 Blue Ribbon Award.