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Army Attack Helicopter Visits Kilgore

        A rare show of some American military firepower was held Saturday in Kilgore, with a visit from an Army Apache attack helicopter. In a kind of meet and greet with the public, U.S. Army personnel invited the public to the Wal-mart parking lot in Kilgore. It was a chance for people to get to know soldiers who had been in combat overseas.

      "I've been to desert storm in 1990 and 91 and a tour in Iraqi freedom from 2003 to 2004," says army staff sergeant and Iraq veteran Henry Hukill.

    "When it flew in that thing looked so awesome coming in," said 10 year old Corey Wyvill.

    Pilot major Tim Campbell told folks about his extensive missions, "I've flown 277 hours in Iraq multiple missions , I've shot every system in attack at a target."

     The helicopter is often used as a recruiting tool. Just think of it as the Army's new calvary.

   "Traded in the horses for helicopters, the apache is the Cadillac of all helicopters it does absolutely everything , 193 forward 45 knots sideways it fly's backwards," says Campbell.

     "I mean the way he came in like that over the public it was amazing I mean it looked like something out of a t-v show," said visitor Ken Wyvill.

    Around 400 people turned out for today's event. Major Campbell and his Apache crew are stationed out of Conroe, Texas.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.

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