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3/15/08- Tyler

Books: A Dying Form Or Are We Turning The Page?

For those who may think books are a dying form, we have some good news. The Tyler Public Library is hosting its "spring sale" this weekend and from young to old, it seems East Texans are eager to get their hands on all types of books. Most of them, only costing you a buck. KLTV 7's Courtney Lane shows us how the joy of learning can still come from flipping through the pages.

East Texans of all ages were lined up before the library doors even opened. 

"We were really excited," said Tyler resident Betty Harrison.

"When they said they're selling them and we saw it on the news last night, I said 'we've got to get up this morning and come get them," said Hogg Middle School student Jayvaie Johnigan.

In the age of video games and of course, the Internet, many worry the quality of education is slipping, especially among children.

"I'm concerned about that," said Harrison.  "My husband and I are very pro-education and we'd like to see that change."

"One of the big things of our library sale is promotion of literacy," said Tyler Public Library Programming Associate, Evelyn James.  "So if we can get affordable books into people's hands, that's a thrill to all of us."

Just look at the site and the excited faces as they rummaged through all different types of books and stories.

"I'm looking for war books, in particular," said 10 year-old Lawrence McNeal.

"It relaxes me when I'm stressed out," said Johnigan.

So it seems we may be turning the page.

"Well I just thought, 'maybe we're getting back to the old days," said Harrison. 

"I came to get some books to read and maybe get my Accelerated Reader points higher," said Johnigan. 

"It says that literature's alive, books are alive, learning is alive and that's the most important thing," said James.  "I don't care how you learn, or why you do it, I'm just glad to see these people at the library."

And with all the new kinds of entertainment out there, it's refreshing to see East Texans still hungry for a good read.

If you didn't get a chance Saturday, the library sale is going Sunday as well. 

It'll run from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at The Tyler Public Library. Again, most books only cost $1.00 and all proceeds go towards buying new books for the library.

Courtney Lane, Reporting  

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