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Little Girl Donates To Horse Rescue Organization

       An East Texas horse rescue organization in desperate need of help to save starving and neglected animals, gets a donation from an East Texas school girl. Safe Haven Equine Rescue needed funds to help them care for numerous horses they have saved from starvation and abuse, and they got some from a surprising source.   9 year old Allison Wilson.

     "I felt sorry for the horses from the previous owners they were being mis-treated, safe haven didn't have as much money" she says.

     Allison saw our story about the plight of the horses at Safe Haven, and she took it upon herself to do something about it.

     "I said listen up, I need you guys to help me raise some money for Safe Haven" Allison says.

    The 4th grader presented Safe Haven with 150-dollars that she collected from her Union Grove classmates in just one week.

    " It was tooth fairy money, lunch money even just some of the parents change that they found on the counters. One of the biggest donations I got was 50-dollars in quarters from one of my friends" she says.

    Nickels , dimes, quarters. And the Safe Haven director was overcome by the gesture.

   "Makes you feel like you want to cry the little girl works hard to get money to bring it out here to save the horses" says Safe Haven director Richard Fincher.

   Her family was overwhelmed by Allison's determination.

    "I am so proud of Ali's generous and caring spirit and her commitment to the horses" says Allisons grandmother Pamela Wilson.

   Can one person make a difference? Allison's answer is, you bet!.

  "It doesn't hurt to try" says Allison.

    Allison says she wants to go to college and eventually buy safe haven so she can take care of the horses herself.

    If you would like to help, you can call Safe Haven at 903-762-1432.

    Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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