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Pain At The Pump: Man Now Walks To Work

E-mails have been pouring in to our newsroom, as you tell us how the gas prices are affecting your life.   Here's one we got from Becky Nichols in Winnsboro. She says, "we've had to borrow money for gas to get to my husband's weekly chemo treatments in Dallas. Some days he would rather ride in our old, but comfortable van. But that trip costs $60-$70; whereas, my old rougher-riding car is a $30-$35 trip. It's a shame to have to make a decision to suffer more, literally, due to gas prices."  

And then we got one from a Tyler man who is taking matters into his own hands and feet.

From his front door and all the way to the Smith County Office Building, two days a week and one stride at a time, 52-year-old, adult-probation worker, Dana Anderson walks to work.   

"I leave here at seven so I can get there by eight o'clock, it takes 50 minutes and then I walk home and so it works out about 11-12 miles per week," Dana says.

He started walking instead of driving on December 31, hoping it would help lessen his pain at the pump.

"With the price of gasoline, it's kind of my way of telling those oil companies, I depend on you guys, but I'm not so dependent, I can't do something for myself," he says. "So I choose to walk."

and walked he has, at an almost six and a half mile round trip, Dana's covered more than 100 miles.

"You know you look at a 100 miles, and it makes a difference," Dana says.

Especially, when just this morning it cost him $75 to fill up.

"It's hard, if I trade in my truck, then I can probably pay less, but I use my truck, I haul things, I need it, it's a good thing to have," he says.

So for now, come every Monday and Wednesday, his truck sits parked in his driveway, while he hits the pavement.

"The price is what it is, we're going to have to live with it, and just kind of make adjustments and this is one way to make an adjustment."

Trading in the pump for tennis shoes and one green light for another, he's found an alternative that's not only good for his body, but easy on the wallet too.

Dana Anderson says he'll continue walking to work for the rest of year and his wife is even thinking about doing it too, now.

Tracy Watler, Reporting

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