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Azalea Trail Begins Without Guest Of Honor

Over a hundred thousand people and millions of dollars. But an early start to one of Tyler's best known events is ready to begin but the guest of honor has yet to arrive.

It's officially springtime in Tyler with the return of The 49th Annual Azalea Spring and Flower trail.  

"It is a beautiful day for it," said Susan Travis, Tyler Visitor's Bureau.

The trail begins earlier than usual this year because Easter is scheduled so early. But that also means what usually lasts three weeks, this year, it'll be four.

"We extended it by a weekend so it actually goes till April 6th so probably by next weekend the flowers will be starting to bloom out," said Travis.

Guy Pyron moved here 14 years ago from Dallas. Although his backyard has some flowers, his nearly 700 Azaleas aren't in full bloom, but he says it's just a slight delay.

"They are a little late because of snow which might be a good thing because they will last longer," said Pyron, "We just enjoy immensly sharing it with the public and having everybody come in." 

"You got over 120,000 people a year coming to Tyler just to go through this 8 miles of beautiful flowers and beautiful homes. Plus all of the events that takes place and there is a slew of them," said Aubrey Sharpe, Chairman, Chamber of Commerce. 

"It's amazing how many people come from all over the world to see our Azaleas," said Travis.

And all those people mean big money. Money from outside Tyler.

"3 and a half million dollars a year which is phenomenal plus it's fun," said Sharpe.

"The Azalea Trail is a wonderful thing because of all the flowers and all the hard work that the homeowners put into it we are so thankful for it because without that we wouldn't have the trails to enjoy," said Travis.

Besides the arts and crafts fair this weekend.There is also The Garden Clubs Flower show at the women's building in Tyler. It is open Friday night and Saturday.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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