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03/13/08- Hallsville

Students Get A Touch Of "Technology" Through "Biology" On I-Pods

9th grade students at Hallsville high school have your normal books and calculators, but don't be surprised if you find IPods, Itouchs and Nanos amongst their school desk. Hallsville 9th grade Biology teacher, Aimee Law is using the popular devices as a learning tool.    

"We incorporate podcast and videos, and other lectures onto these devices that allows the students to study their assignments.  In addition the students get to take the ipods home based on their classroom behavior, participation, and grades."

For the past three weeks Hallsville 9th grade students have been learning biology through their Itouch screens. It's a pilot program called, IDEA, "Innovative Devices for Educational Assistance".  

"The I-Touch  helps you study and get better when you watch the study material and listen to it in the lectures," said Hallsville 9th grader, Tiffany Gonzalez.  

"I think that a lot of kids have been able to relate to the devices a little bit easier because it's on a video format. The students are all into audio as a means to learn. The scores for some of the students have improved and some students have stayed the same,"said Law. 

Hallsville second graders use the devices in their classroom to learn about things like animals and math.

Hallsville ISD purchased 300 hundred Itouch and Nano devices.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting.

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