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3/13/08- Tyler

Big Sandy Man Stabbed Multiple Times

Our cameras were rolling Thursday morning as Tyler police arrested 41-year old Lewis Burns of Tyler. But as it turns out, police said he may have been fighting in self-defense.

"We think it may have stemmed from some type of court proceeding but we're still looking at all those details," said officer Don Martin with the Tyler Police Department. 

"I heard the suspect walk in and try to shake the guy's hand, the one that got stabbed," said witness Roderick Robinson.  "And the guy that got stabbed threw his hand down and told him 'I don't want to shake your hand, I'm going to get you when we get out of here."

According to police, Burns and 33-year old Nakia Derrick of Big Sandy, got into an argument that stems back to previous jobs they both had at Halliburton. Police said Burns came out of the building and Derrick attacked him in the parking lot. After that, Burns reportedly pulled out a pocket knife, stabbing Derrick three times.

"He was stabbed once in the upper front torso, then once in the back and then once a little lower in his side," said Martin. 

We found out late Thursday afternoon that Derrick, the man who was stabbed, has been arrested in 2000 for "tampering with a government record," and then again the next year on a "contempt of child support" charge. He was rushed to a hospital but is said to have no life-threatening injuries from the stab wounds.

While police continue to investigate the incident, so far, no charges have been filed. Police said if they find it is indeed a case of self-defense, it will be handled by a Smith County Grand Jury.

Courtney Lane, Reporting  

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