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Katie Visits Peltier and The Baldies

A group of nearly 30 at Peltier shaved their heads for Katie. She was in Dallas getting chemotherapy treatment and couldn't be there, but Thursday she went and visited. 

In she walked, a reunion of sorts after 30 of her dad's co-workers went bald for her Wednesday. A touching show of support, but Katie still managed to stand out.

"Got some wigs and stuff now and so it's ok," said Katie Fitzgerald.

A straight 'A' student at Lindale High School, Katie was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in January.

"It wasn't the cancer that hit me but the devastation it was going to have on everything else," said Katie, "How it was going to take over not just my body but my school work and everything else I have worked for."

Now in her second round of chemotherapy, Katie says it is tough, but the support around her is incredible.

"It's like I'm trying to fight against myself. Mental against physical and some days I just want to get up and go do something and I don't have the energy or ability to push this to the side," said Katie.

Katie's great attitude through all of this is inspiring to others. 

"She is just happy and excited and you just feel Christ when you feel her," said Robert Peltier, "We passed these out to just let her know that every time we bump into it we say a prayer. We say a prayer for her every time we see it. We think prayer works."

The purple "Katie" bands seen across the room, are not just at Peltier but all around East Texas.

"I have a lot of support coming in from different areas its nice to know they are willing to help but it's also weird because I am not an attention person," said Katie. 

The attention is on Katie for now, and she said that's okay because the more support the better.

The group then gathered around her for a prayer.

"We want to lift Katie up to you know. We ask that your will be done. That you would continue to give her the strength that she needs and her family needs to get through this ordeal. Father we are careful to give you all the praise and all the glory. Amen."

Katie said she has one more round of chemotherapy. Then it depends on how her body has reacted if more will be needed.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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