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A Better East Texas: Mentally Impaired

Many of our fellow Texans live life with either a mental or physical impairment. So let me ask you this, have you ever given yourself a grade on how you treat these folks when you see them in public?

If you're like most of us you might find it more comfortable to look, or walk the other way when you see them. I'm not really sure why we're that way because everyone I've come in contact with who is mentally challenged is warm, loving and enthusiastic.

It might be because we're really just not sure what to do. Knowing what we know about these folks can you imagine the reaction you'll get if you treat them different than everyone else does? The next time you see someone who is mentally or physically challenged remember the acronym seg.

First, give them a smile. Then look them in the eye and finally offer a warm greeting. The reaction you get will more likely have an impact on your day than theirs and of course will make this, a better east texas.

Viewer Comments:

As a devoted and dedicated army wife to a soldier who has PTSD and TBI (traumatic brain injury) from injuries sustained in Iraq, I want to thank you for doing a story on mentally impaired East Texans. We have seen the injustices and the stereotypes firsthand that people have placed on mentally impaired people. I think it needs to be brought to the forefront. Especially for those people who have been injured because of fighting for our freedom.



I saw you comment on the handicapped people and wanted to Thank You for saying what you did. I have a handicapped daughter that is 21 now and a blessing to all she meets. If more people would learn to look at them differently there lives would be more blessed. We could all learn from the handicapped because of the way they look at life. My daughter is always happy and never has bad feelings toward anyone. She has tought me alot. Thank you again for letting others know that they are special. 

Thank You,


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