GM Trucks Top List of Most Stolen Texas Vehicles

You can't drive on East Texas roads without seeing a General Motors pick-up truck...and auto thieves can't keep their eyes off them.

Lindale Autoplex Manager Mike Savoie knows all too well how much thieves love GMC and Chevy trucks. Two GM pick-ups at Lindale Autoplex were recently broken into.

"They stole everything out of the Z-71's," said Savoie. "But they left all the Fords and Dodges. They left everything else alone. The only thing they touched were the Chevrolets and GMC's."

A new report by the Texas Department of Public Safety confirms that GM pick-up trucks were in fact the vehicle of choice among Texas auto thieves last year.

Auto theft experts say what makes GM trucks so popular is their generic design. Thieves can just mix and match the different parts and create an entirely different vehicle. Those parts are usually recycled in chop shops.

But nowadays, GM thieves have several motives for stealing the trucks.

"We're starting to see a greater trend of the trucks being used to transport illegal aliens from Mexico," said Seagate Jeff Maeker with the Department of Public Safety.

In East Texas, the East Texas Auto Theft Task Force says older model GM's are at higher risk.

"Statistically, the older vehicles, the older general motors trucks are the ones that we see more often," said Tyler Detective Gary King with the East Texas Auto Theft Task Force. "We do have some newer trucks stolen. The newer trucks, in most cases, are stolen with the keys in the ignition."

Though the DPS report looks grim for GM trucks, no one expects Texas' favorite truck will fade in popularity.

And when it comes to the most stolen vehicles, GM pick-ups, including Chevrolet and GMC's, are not alone. Ford trucks rank second, the Honda Accord ranks third, the GMC suburban fourth and the Toyota Camry fifth.