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3/12/08-Stillwater, OK

Van Zant Gets Limited Exposure At Pro Day

Robert E. Lee graduate Martel Van Zant attended last month's NFL Combine not as a participant, but on his own version of a campaign trail.

Martel's goal was to show teams his desire to go pro. The former Red Raider was born without ear drums.

In one of his last games with Oklahoma State, Martel seriously injured his ankle. He is hoping to convince NFL teams to overlook it all and pick him in the NFL draft.

Wednesday, Martel had a bit of setback in trying to convince the NFL. It was Pro Day at Oklahoma State and because of his lingering ankle injury, Martel was only able to participate in one event, the bench press.

Martel was pretty impressive in the single event performance, lifting 225 pounds, 25 times in about one minute.

However, Martel needed a Pro Day for a strong shot at the NFL Draft. Still, he could enter the league as a free agent.

As KLTV reported last month, a movie about Martel's life is in the works. If he reaches the NFL, he would be the fourth deaf player in the league's history.
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