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High Gas Prices Fuel Pain Beyond The Pump

You've seen the signs all over town, but seeing and paying for it are two completely different things. 

"As I'm filling up now, at $3.09, they just raised the price out here to $3.11 here on the pump," said Ron Nowell, as he pumped nearly $52 worth of regular-grade gasoline. 

Erin Cummings said it takes about $60 to $65 to totally fill up her Toyota 4-Runner.  

"When I see that total, I'm like, 'no, stop!'"

Now East Texans are feeling it.  Floyd Johnson said he is on a fixed income. 

"It's hard.  It's tough.  I can't do any traveling; can't do anything."

"Eating out, uh-uh, that goes," said Ted English, owner of English Construction.  

As a small businessman, English said high gas prices have really effected the way he earns his living. 

"My guys are going to spend less hours on the job because I have to make up for the fuel, or I've got to increase my per-job price."

Sharon Kemp is a mother of three who said she looks for savings where ever she can find them to increase her gasoline budget. 

"I go to different grocery stores, wherever I can find a bargain--coupons--where ever I can save for the tank."

On February 25, the average price for a gallon of regular gas in Texas was around $3.05. Last week, it was $3.08.  And Wednesday, it was up to $3.11, nearly $.04 more than a week ago and $.73 more than last year.  It's enough for some East Texas to make some big changes.

"I purchased a new car for better gas mileage because I had an older vehicle, and it was getting way too expensive," said Jennifer Jones. 

And after a $92 fill-up, others are thinking about it. 

"We are contemplating maybe downsizing a little bit," said Kirstie Cobbs.  "Maybe going electric, I don't know."

Layron Livingston, Reporting.  llivingston@kltv.com


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