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Safe Stolen From Gregg County Business

Gregg County authorities are looking for 4 people suspected in the burglary of a liquor store, and getting away with a heavy safe.  A building alarm had Gregg County Deputies racing to Texas Spirits in the 69-hundred block of Highway 42 south of White Oak around 4 a.m.

Although police arrived within minutes, all they found was an empty parking lot. Luckily, the suspects were caught on surveillance video.

"They sent three suspects inside the business they left a lookout outside," said Lieutenant Mike Claxton of the Gregg County Sheriffs Office.

Quickly jamming open the door, the suspects immediately head for a 3-foot-by-2-foot safe behind the counter. They then muscle the heavy safe to a waiting car. Investigators said this was a very professional job. They were in and out within minutes. Investigators also said the method is very familiar.

"We saw some indication of some experience involved with this particular type of crime, indicating these particular suspects may have a history of this type of crime. They're pretty good at it," Claxton said.

There is a problem. The store video was not reset for daylight savings time, delaying the effort to put out a description of the suspects vehicle.

"Delays in this particular case does not help us get a vehicle description out to our field units," said Claxton.

But the burglars also made mistakes. One, clearly holding a crowbar used to open the door, is seen looking right at the camera.

"We believe we're looking for a dark colored SUV with four African-American suspects involved in the break-in" Claxton said.

Claxton said his department is reviewing other cases that may be connected to this crime. If you have any information on this burglary, call the Gregg County Sheriffs Office.  

Bob Hallmark, reporting.


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