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Shaving Your Head For Katie

There are some places where it's nice to go to work. The office feels like an extended family. At those places, people celebrate together, grieve together and come together when any member needs a little extra support, even if that means getting a ridiculous haircut. 

At Peltier Chevrolet KLTV witnessed such a "shearing of support".

One by one Peltier employees gave up something very close to them, grimacing as that first strip of hair fell to the floor. Despite the loss of their locks, they said there is more gain. Her name is Katie, the daughter of one of their technicians.

"She turned 16 in January and two days later said she had a lump," said James Fitzgerald, Katie's dad. "In a matter of about a few days, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Robert [Peltier] and Dean [Cagle] came to me one morning and said the day I came to work with my head shaved, because they knew I was going to do it, they were going to do it too."

Apparently that's all it took. Wednesday a large crowd gathered as they took pictures of each other getting the cut.

Crystal and Jennifer from W.T. Family Hair Cutters took on the boss.

"Your time is coming, brother, I promise," Dean Cagle joked with Robert Peltier.

"Mary Kay said, 'Oh, don't shave your head.' My little girls said, 'Oh, daddy, don't shave your head'. But when I told them why they understood," said Robert Peltier.

And his time did come.

"The same Christ that is in me is in them, and it's our way of the Body of Christ coming together," said Peltier. "It's good."

"He is such a great guy and there family is so strong.  And we just feel such a connection with them, and if they are hurting we are hurting," said Dean Cagle.

"It's just amazing the amount of support and the prayers. Makes it easier," said James Fitzgerald.

We just had to ask Dean Cagle, "When is the next commercial?".

"I promise you we got some stuff in the can. You are not going to see me like this on TV, except tonight," laughed Cagle.

So now every time these 28 guys look in the mirror, they'll think of the little girl who needs their support.

Katie couldn't join them Wednesday, because she was getting treatment in Dallas. We're told she plans to go to Peltier Thursday to say hi and to check out all the baldies.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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