Fire Ants Pop Up After Rain

After Wednesday morning's heavy rains, you might have noticed a few more fire ant mounds in your yard. Experts say ants are more likely to be a nuissance on mild days just after a rain.

Fire ants cause an estimated $300 million in damage to property and livestock each year in Texas. Much of that cost comes from purchasing fire ant baits and poisons for home owners. Ag agent Brian Triplett says more than one treatment of baits and poisons are often necessary.  "In a residential area, we get a lot reinfestation. So that you go out and treat your yard, and your neighbor, 40 feet away doesn't treat their yard, and then you get a migration of ant mounds over a period of time onto your property."

Brian Triplett says now is a good time to fight the ants. You can find some fire ant fighting tips at our website, Just click on the "Know More on 7" icon.