Threats Possibly Prompted Kid to Bring Gun to School

Photo by: East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office
Photo by: East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office

(Story and video from Baton Rouge, LA - WAFB) A 13-year-old middle school student brought a revolver onto his school's campus Monday, but it's not just the gun that's causing an uproar. It's what deputies found on the boy that is also raising a lot of eyebrows. We are learning a little bit more about what may have driven the teenager to bring a revolver to school. Deputies say he was threatened by a group of students. That might also explain why he had on something on extra under his clothes.

While thousands of Louisiana students have their heads lodged into textbooks and LEAP testing on their minds, one McKinley Middle Magnet student appears to have other interests. "Parents aren't teaching their kids anything. LEAP testing is going on." Melissa Warren has two younger sisters who attend this magnet school. They're inside the walls for at least eight hours every day.

So, when Warren got word that a 13-year-old boy brought a .38 caliber revolver onto school grounds, she was stunned. "It scares me a bit. I love my sisters to death. You don't know who his target was or anything." The school's acting principal, Carolyn Morris sent out a message to parents late Monday afternoon. "This was an isolated event, and no threats were made to either students or staff."

What has many parents on edge, wondering just what was the teen's intentions, was the bulletproof vest he wore under his clothes. "He was prepared for something. A bulletproof vest? Maybe he's watching too much TV. Maybe something is going on in his household with him," Warren says. The teen reportedly got the vest from a family member who is retired from the military. There's no word yet on where the middle-schooler got that gun. Chris Trahan with the school system says despite everything that went on at McKinley Middle, LEAP testing was not interrupted.

Reporter:  Keitha Nelson, WAFB 9NEWS