TXDOT Annual Traffic Counts To Begin This Week

The Texas Department of Transportation will be conducting its annual traffic counts in the Tyler District between Wednesday, March 12 (tomorrow) and Thursday, March 27 throughout the eight counties the district serves.

The counts are conducted by placing "hoses" across all lanes of traffic on various state-maintained roadways for a 24-hour period in the hopes of gaining a snapshot of how many and what kinds of vehicles are using state facilities.

"This is an important piece of data for us," said Tyler District public information officer Larry Krantz. "We use these numbers as the basis for planning future projects based on need, and as an indicator to help determine what our ongoing and future maintenance needs will be."

The numbers are also used to determine how often litter should be collected on roadsides outside incorporated city limits, and where traffic control devices such as traffic signals and flashing lights may be needed.

The traffic counters register the number of axles on a vehicle and estimate the vehicle's weight, since heavy truck traffic plays such a large role in increasing the frequency and need for routine maintenance.

Cathryn Khalil, reporting. ckhalil@kltv.com