Beazley Execution

The crowds started gathering outside Huntsville's death house shortly after 5 p.m. Protesters of capitol punishment lined the Walls Unit, each with a message, "The United States stands with Yemen, the Congo in our ability and our desire to kill people who are juveniles," Explains Professor Dennis Longmire who teaches with Sam Houston University.

"Texas shouldn't be proud of what were doing tonight, we should hold our heads in shame."

While voices outside shouted, time was checked.

At 6:01: Beazley was taken into the death chamber. Without any last words...witnesses say he was calm but hesitant.

Mike Associated Press, Houston: "When the warden asked him if he had anything to say, he turned his head and looked toward Suzanne Luttig. He paused for several seconds and said no, shook his head back up at the ceiling and closed his eyes."

He was pronounced dead at 6:17.

Suzanne Luttig, the daughter of victim John Luttig was present for the execution. Eight years after her father was gunned down and killed in front of the family home. While Beazley's family decided not to attend, outside, two of his close friends consoled each other.

Beazley became the 19th person put to death since 1976 for a murder committed when the killer was younger than 18.