Fire Claims The Life Of Elderly East Texas Woman

A deadly house fire claims the life of an elderly East Texas woman. Van Zandt County officials are investigating a mobile home fire just outside of Canton.

The fire started around 8:30 Monday morning on County Road 2117. Investigators say the fire started in the north end of the trailer in the spare bedroom. Just a bedroom away, one East Texan was caught in the blaze.

Smoldering ashes is all that's left of the home but neighbors say Monday morning, flames were shooting through the sky.

"We got up and we heard a boom," said the neighbor.

The Canton fire department received several calls  this morning of a house fire, one of those from a resident whose family was trapped inside.

"Stated his mom was gone that he managed to get out of the house but there were other people in the house," said Van Zandt County Fire Marshal Chuck Allen, "Originally our first response was three people trapped in the burning residence."

Once put out rescuers sifted through the ashes looking for the three bodies. Later making a fortunate discovery.

"It was determined they left early this morning and were located in Grand Saline," said Allen.

But not fortunate enough.

"The elderly female was found in her bedroom, it appears she was attempting to get out of the fire," said Allen.

85 year old Anna Love of Canton died in the blaze.

"Right now investigation is open we are trying to determine what caused the fire. Visiting with people that had been in the residence to see if they can shed any light," said Allen, "Candles, matches, cigarettes. Space heaters whatever. We can try to isolate what actually caused this fire."

Authortities hoping to turn ashes to answers.

Love's body has been sent for an autopsy. Investigators say they will continue conducting interviews Tuesday morning.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.