Twist-A-Braid: "Does It Work?"

The Twist-A-Braid promises quick and easy, cool hairstyles, with just the push of the button. We put it to the "Does It Work?" test. The coolest thing about this battery operated gadget is its design. Push the button one way and just the individual posts spin. Go the other way and all three spin in the opposite direction. We asked local hair stylist, Kelli Hoffman to try out the Twist-A-Braid on her own daughter. But first Kelli went to work hand braiding Ashley's hair. "We have 11 braids. It took about 10 minutes. I twisted some and I braided some," says Hoffman. That's 11 braids in 10 minutes..hand braided on one side of Ashley's head. Time to try it the other way. First step, separate the hair into three strands and fasten each strand into the silver hooks on the end of the posts. It's not as easy as it sounds. "It's kinda awkward getting that on there," says Kelli. Then with a push of the button the Twist-A-Braid twists each of those strands into individual ropes. Once that's done, push the button in the opposite direction and all three twist you something like a braid. "In a braid you have three strands and you're criss-crossing them back and forth. And you can smooth them out as you're going along and get all the frayed ends out as you're going along. With the Twist-A-Braid, you have no control over that. You have three strands but they're just twisted together like a rope. And you have no control over smoothing the ends...the little frayed ends," says Hoffman. At this point, the Twist-A-Braid was not getting rave reviews. But we kept going until everyone was ready to start pulling their hair out. That was about 15 minutes into the process. We ended up with nine braids in 15 minutes for the Twist-A-Braid. That's right--it took the Twist-A-Braid five extra minutes to twist two fewer braids. "It's not even a braid. It's a twist," says Kelli. We decided to let Ashley give it a go herself. It was hard for her to operate on her own and became tangled in her hair. So, "Does It Work?" It does what it says it does, but Kelli and Ashley say, it doesn't do it very well. So in this test, the best we can give the "Twist-A-Braid" is a "Maybe". We paid 20 bucks for the Twist-A-Braid. The batteries are included in the box.