An East Texas Brit Turns Knitting Into A Helping Hobby

No matter where she is, or what she does--even when she has lunch--you can pretty much count on Moureen Hughes for at least one thing.  "I keep it in my pocket, my purse," said Hughes, referring to her knitting needles and yarn.  "Circular needles are wonderful. They fold up nice and small."

For this British East Texan, knitting has simply been a life skill.  "It's a blessing that I can knit. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was little girl," she said.  That skill has now come across the pond and into East Texas--and it's all for a good cause.

Aside from keeping her hands busy, Hughes said her knitting has now become a way to give back. She's already knit dozens of hats in all shapes and sizes, donating them to friends, as well as strangers, battling cancer.  "A gentleman was really quite upset. I was doing one in this baby pink yarn one day, and he said, 'how about me. I don't look good in fluffy pink." she said.

Hughes said most of the patients she's helped are a little self-conscious, especially when they lose their hair, even though bald is beautiful, she said.  "The nicer you look, the better you can feel."

Last year, Moureen said she donated 87 hats to the American Cancer Society--a gesture that was greatly appreciated.

"There are so many different elements once someone is diagnosed with cancer," said Lashun Wallace with the American Cancer Society.  "This is one thing that would make them feel better about themselves."

"I do this purely from my heart because I want to," said Hughes who does have one selfish goal in mind.  "One day I think we will find a cure for cancer."

And until then, Hughes and her needles will just keep on knitting.

Hughes said she does accept donations of yarn and other materials and would love for other knitters to get involved.  For more information on how you can help, feel free to contact Moureen Hughes at 903.586.1339.  You can also reach her friend, Ann Kelley at 903.586.3776, or email her at

Layron Livingston, Reporting.