Six Year Old Saves Her Two Year Old Little Brother From Nearly Drowning

It's the time of year when kids can't wait to get into the water.  But tragically more than 300-children under the age of five drown in swimming pools each year.

A six year old prevented her two year old brother from becoming one of those statistics. "i had to go get him 'cause he doesn't know how to swim" says Madison Gaddes.

Monday night she and her two year old little brother, Sean, were swimming in their grandmother's pool.

Although their mother and grandmother were both outside only Madison saw her brother plunge into the water. Madison describes the events, "we was at the corner over there and my little brother was riding his motorcycle and he fell in and I went to go get him 'cause I was with him and I got him and hanged on to the side."

Madison's mother saw her daughter dive into the pool, "I saw the little motorcycle in the pool. He was under water. She was underwater and I dove in and by the time I got there she had him up out of the water."

Sean was lucky. He was a little scared but fine. Seth Pyle with the City of Longview parks and recreation department says there are precautions people can take. First: install a gate around the pool with self-closing and self-latching kids can't get near the pool by themselves. Second: use U.S. Coastguard approved life jackets. Many flotation devices simply don't keep children's heads above water. But most importantly always keep a close eye on your kids.  Pyle says, "first thing is keep track of all your kids and know where they are when you're around the water and supervision is the biggest thing."

Good advice says Madison who is happy her little brother is safe, "he's my favorite little brother" she says.