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Brownies Sell Cookies For Troops

Some little East Texas salespeople are doing their best to make sure even our troops overseas get to enjoy a little piece of America.  At several locations around Longview, Saturday, Brownie groups sold Girl Scout Cookies and gave customers a chance to send those cookies to our troops overseas.

"It's just real good because some of them probably have daughters that are Girl Scouts," said nine-year-old Brownie Morgan Moser of Girl Scout Troop 2598.  Knowing the hardships troops endure, the Brownies hope this gesture lets troops know, even the little ones are remembering them.

"The soldiers who are fighting will get a taste of home that they will remember," said nine-year-old Brownie Emma Waddell.  Buyers also got a chance to attach a personal message to the cookie boxes.

"It helps the girls learn to care about others across the seas working for us, and it helps just to be involved with the community," said Emma's mother Kimberly Waddell.  For the Brownies, it's a chance to send a little bit of home to the troops overseas.

"I would just say thank you for fighting for our country," said Moser.  Operation Appreciation has a goal of sending 2,300 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to troops serving overseas.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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