Downtown Kilgore Plans For Extreme City Makeover

Cracks in the sidewalks and outdated handicap ramps. These are just a few items that the town of Kilgore wants to remodel. "No wheel chair could actually get up our ramps because they are so narrow," says Kilgore Main Street manager, Fallon Burns.

It's the site of downtown Kilgore that city leaders want to revamp. "Obviously, the first issue is our side walks. We've got horrible curbs and gutters. If you're an elderly person or even a small child, getting up the curbs can be really dangerous, " said Burns.

For the past couple of years the Kilgore Main Street Association has been pushing for grant funds to rebuild downtown.

Their motto-- If we build it, they will come.

"Whenever people drive down North Kilgore street we want them to go, "Oh my gosh, what have they done!" That's what we're trying to do and by adding decorative lighting, making people feel safe, and adding nice new concrete, we feel we can attract more people," said Burns.

Kilgore downtown Provence store co-owner Justin DuPoint, is all for Kilgore'S face lift.

"If we can beautify downtown and draw people downtown because of it's appeal, then it will benefit my business from all the traffic of people coming in and shopping.

So hopefully, with a little bit of fix-up here and there downtown Kilgore will be back and hoping all in due time.

"Downtown didn't die over night and it's not going to come back to life overnight" said DuPont.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting