Barack Obama Out Of Post-It Stickers

We already have write-in candidates, but how about "write-on" candidates? Over at Tyler Junior College's art department, there is a collage of both Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, made completely out of post-it notes. One of the artists tells us Obama's image is made up of more than a thousand neon sticky notes, layered on top of each other. He says his team of four projected the image up on the wall, drew it and then started "sticking away" taking them seven and a half hours total.

"The colors we chose because we wanted it to pop, we wanted to be able to walk by and be like whoa!'s an image that you just have to look at, it's not just, you can't just walk by, oh what's this, you actually have to stop, think, your mind has to process it, oh Barack Obama, cool," says TJC Art Student Joe French.

French says they chose Barack Obama because right now, his face is a very iconic image.

Tracy Watler, Reporting