Old Man Winter Deals Messy Morning Commute

As the flurries started falling, many of you were just heading out the door. Some, trying to get an early start on the weekend.

"Now I'm on my way to Shreveport," said Chauncey Shamlin.  "Maybe it'll clear up on the other side between here and Gilmer, then I'll be alright."

"It really hasn't been that bad, a couple slick spots, but not that bad," said Baylor University student K.B. McDowell.

McDowell was one of two Baylor students traveling through East Texas who were locked out in the snow, literally.

"I locked my keys in my car and it's like the first time it ever happened to me and it would be the day that it snows," said McDowell.

But through the slush and snow, help was soon on the way.

It seems old man winter was not quite ready for bed. Many of you woke up on this early March day to a winter wonderland of sorts, creating beautiful scenery which was also fun to play in.

"It's beautiful," said McDowell.  "I've never seen snow before so it's great."

But not all of you were as excited about driving and working in it.

"It's crazy because I've got to drive out to Marshall and drive back here to Tyler to install something into a business that I work for," said Mike Petrie.  "It's not what I want to be doing today."

Luckily there were no reports of any dangerous icy patches on the roadways.

"I think everyone's just driving really cautiously and it's going pretty well," said McDowell.

All and all, it was a pretty smooth commute Friday morning, as old man winter dealt us one more blow.

Courtney lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com