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9 East Texas Restaurants, 9 Sets Of Problems

    Numerous East Texas restaurants were hit with serious violations in the latest round of inspections by health departments. In Longview, 3 area restaurants were singled out including the Cotton Patch Cafe at 1228 McCann Road. Inspected February 19th, cold foods were at unsafe temperatures, there was cross contamination of raw and cooked foods, there were hygienic violations among employees and foods were not properly stored and protected. Total demerits 25.

      Inspected February 26th, the Deli inside Thriftee Food Store at 100 Harrison Road near Cherokee Street, had hot foods at unsafe temperatures. Food contact surfaces were unsanitized, utensils were uncleaned and there was improper hand washing among employees. Total demerits 19.

The Jalapeno Tree at 508 Eastman Road was inspected February 5th. Cold foods were held at unsafe temperatures, food contact surfaces were unsanitary, and utensils were not sanitized. Total demerits 17.

   In Tyler,  Bennigan's at 3304 Troup Highway was inspected February 29th.  Monte Cristo sandwiches were being held at too warm a temperature. The hand washing facilities weren't in full working order and the dish machine was not properly sanitizing dishes at the time of inspection. Total demerits 22.

    IHOP at 115 West Southwest Loop 323 was inspected February 18th.  Employees were seen handling pancakes, cheese, and sausages without gloves. Cooked sausage links weren't being kept warm enough. Dented cans were found stored on shelves. Total demerits 18.

   Potpourri House at 3320 Troup Highway was  inspected February 7th.  Salmon and tuna salad was being held at too warm a temperature. Raw chicken was found to close to cheese and sprouts. Cooked chicken was also not properly marked with preparation dates. Utensil storage drawers needed a thorough cleaning. Total demerits 18.

Palace Seafood at 721 North Palace was inspected February 18th.  Rodent droppings were found under bags of flour in the storage area. Unapproved pesticides were found in the storage area. Catfish wasn't being kept hot enough under the heat lamps. The inspector also noted the ice bin needed cleaning, along with the rest of the establishment. Total demerits 17.

Click's Billiards at 1946 East Southeast Loop 323 was inspected February 8th. No hot water in the women's restroom, and the faucet needed repairing. There were no thermometers in the restaurant to ensure proper food temperatures. The drink machine as well as the ice machine were bit moldy. Total demerits 16.

McDonald's at 2034 East Southeast Loop 323 was inspected February 18th. Employees were seen handling food without gloves. Cooked meat patties weren't at the proper temperature. Total demerits 15.

 Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com

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