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03/06/08 - Tyler

Two More Criminals Featured In 'Crimefighters' Off The Streets Tonight

Michol Sears Michol Sears
Joshua Bailiff Joshua Bailiff

Two more wanted East Texas criminals are in police custody tonight thanks to you, the KLTV 7 Crimefighters.

Joshua Bailiff, who was wanted for beating another man with an ax handle so badly that the victim had lacerations to his skull, was picked up today by the Tyler Police Department thanks to a tip from someone who had watched Crimefighters. Tyler Police say that Bailiff also conspired to rob a man who was interested in purchasing a hot tub from a mutual friend.

Michol Sears, another face on the Crimefighters wanted wall, has also been busted today - he turned himself in to the Tyler Police department after KLTV 7 featured him on Crimefighters. Sears was wanted for selling marijuana in his neighborhood.

If you'd like to help make your neighborhood safer, check out the Crimefighters page to see what criminals you've helped bust so far, and who is still wanted.

Cathryn Khalil, reporting.


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