Soldier Surprises Son With Homecoming

A huge surprise for an east Texas high school student today, as his father makes an un-announced return home from duty in Iraq.   For 15 year old Jonathan Rucker, it was just a normal day of lifting weights with his football team-mates at Sabine high school. Not knowing that in the next room , his father was home after 14 months in Iraq.      As Jonathan worked out, his father walked in to a roaring ovation. And a very astonished Jonathan.

"He heard my voice and recognized it, its an incredible feeling to come and surprise john because I wanted to come and blow his mind a little bit you know" said Jonathans father, army specialist Stephen Brooks.

"All I see is army outfit coming through the door and looked down and I see his face I'm just out of it. Next thing I felt like just hugging my dad" says Jonathan.

Everyone from staff to classmates, were in on the surprise.

"At first I thought I was just daydreaming I thought that can't be dad in that split second I look back and that is dad and everything in my body shut down and my legs , their still shaking right now" Jonathan says.

Brooks, an army medic, had seen his fill of suffering in Iraq, and had looked forward to this day for months.

"You have bad days and good days and mediocre days when your over there, this is like being able to see the sunset"  says Brooks.

For both, it will be a day they will long remember.

"Its a great feeling to see him" Brooks says.

Brooks will now be stationed state-side, taking an instructors position at a base in California. Bob Hallmark reporting/