Clinton Campaign May Challenge Texas Caucus Results

"I was angered and I was upset," said Mykal Duquett, volunteer with the Clinton campaign.  "No one signed in properly."

Amidst a sea of voters, predominately for Barack Obama, and amidst all the chaos Tuesday night, Duquett claims no one was verifying voters.

"I felt defeated at first because there were all these overwhelming obstacles anyway and then to have people blatantly cheat the system. It was just a huge injustice."

To vote in the democratic caucus, first you had to prove you voted in the primary.

"There's a slot where it says voter verification and you write in the number of the card," said Duquett.  "Almost every single page didn't have that information."

And there's backlash all across Texas. A YouTube video from Dallas, shows the verification process quickly getting out of hand.

"I think the idea of piling a caucus on top of an election was a third-world train wreck waiting to happen," said Smith County Democratic Chair David Henderson.  "It happened. It's probably the last time it's going to happen."

Hillary Clinton's campaign confirmed Thursday they're thinking about challenging the Texas caucus results, but some say that could end up hurting her in the long run.

"The Democratic Party has a long history of shooting ourselves in both feet," said Henderson.  "If the Clinton campaign tries to win by manipulation or changing the rules in the middle of the game, then they could very well mess up a very beautiful, historical event for us."

"If there is any form of voting fraud it needs to be brought to light, regardless of which candidate it was for," said Duquett.

In this tight democratic race, every delegate counts, so there's most likely more battles to come. As of right now, only 41 percent of Texas precincts have reported to the state party. They show Barack Obama ahead with 56 percent of the caucus-goers' support, compared to 43 percent for Hillary Clinton.

Courtney Lane, Reporting