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A Better East Texas: Personal Paparazzi

I read a lot of news magazines, and sometimes I come across an article that's so unbelievable, I think it must be a joke.

Recently there was such article in Time Magazine about a company in Austin called Celeb 4 A Day.

For upwards of $1500 you can hire them to act as your own personal paparazzi.

That's right. When you walk out of your favorite restaurant or hot spot, there they are, a mob of photographers, shooting pictures of you, even chasing you down the street. Now I don't know what's crazier - that this is a real company or the fact that business is so good, they are planning on expanding into L.A. and San Francisco.

What's happened to society? Why do people think that unless someone is asking who you are, then you must be a "nobody"? You know, that's what I love about East Texas. Our values are a little different here than in Austin.

 If you want to be recognized here, you don't need to hire paparazzi. Instead, support a local charity, volunteer your time or mentor a child.

After all, those are the people we prefer to recognize. So as far as Celeb 4 A Day, keep heading west to California. After all, we don't need any more cars speeding down Broadway.

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