Patriots Posting Record Softball Numbers Already

At UT Tyler, the hits keep right on coming. Twelve games, 12-0 record, and a gaudy 109-to-16 scoreboard against some of the best competition in the country.

"All 23 players on our team can hit at any given moment," UT Tyler senior Lindsey Peters said. "It's awesome to step up there and know we've worked as hard as we did to come out here and score runs. It's been awesome."

"Once somebody starts," UT Tyler junior Roo Richardson said, "it's just contagious. When people start hitting, everybody starts hitting, everybody just starts jumping on."

After beating four nationally ranked teams, conference play starts this weekend for the Patriots. This year for the first time, they will be eligible for the playoffs. They're excited to start the season with such chemistry.

"To be ready to play in the playoffs," Peters said, "it's kind of a new journey for us."

"There's not problems, everybody just gets along," Richardson said. "Being girls, there's always something, but not on this team. I've never been on a team like this before."

"The first twelve were important," coach Mike Reed said. "We played some teams that were in the NCAA postseason, and our goal was to get that experience and confidence. We're certainly focused on the rest of the season now."

The fast start has raised the bar for the team, and the excitement level for everybody.

"It is exciting," Reed said. "To have this kind of group put together, you really look forward to every game."

"Everybody keeps saying it's amazing," Richardson says, smiling, " but I wouldn't expect anything less from this team."