Horse Rescue Operation Needing Public Help

An East Texas horse rescue organization needs the publics help to continue saving abused and neglected animals.  It has been a very busy year for Safe Haven Equine Rescue Center, as it's been constantly taking in abused and neglected horses for rehabilitation.  It says it take two here, three there, a dozen somewhere else, and sadly, it doesn't end.

"We've had more than 200 horses in and out of Safe Haven just by rescuing them, getting them healthy and getting them back out," said Safe Haven director Richard Fincher.  Safe Haven's barns and stalls are filled to capacity, and still more horses need help.

"Right now, we have a full house," said Fincher.  "Every stall we've got in our new barn is full."  With so many horses to take care of now, the organization not only needs food and medical care, but also grazing land.  That's where Safe Haven needs the public's help.

It costs around $400 a week for Fincher to feed and care for the horses he has now, but he'll continue to take in as may as he can.  He hopes that he can get help in the form of foster families.

"It's so good when people step up and foster these horses and bring them back to health," said Upshur County resident Ruth Meadows.  "Sometimes they want to adopt them, sometimes they just want to help."

"We've got more horses coming in, and we're going after more tomorrow," said Fincher.  "There's more out there than we can handle now.  We need some pasture land."  If you'd like to help with feed donations, or if you want to foster a horse, you can contact Safe Haven Equine Rescue at 903-762-1432.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.