Senator Eltife Speaks On John McCain's Big Win

"It's a monumental day for John McCain," said State Senator Kevin Eltife.

Eltife said long-time supporters came out for Tuesday night's reception in Dallas, proudly standing by Senator McCain's side.

"I thought what was so exciting about last night is, a lot of the people there at one of the receptions were the people on-board with McCain back in July," said Eltife.  "His campaign was broke, everyone had written him off and this man never stopped."

And look at him now, shaking hands and endorsed by President Bush, the man who ended his White House run in 2000.

"It's got to be an exciting day for John McCain," said Eltife.  "I mean, you know, he ran 8 years ago, was unsuccessful, and here he is 8 years later, clinching the nomination and going to the White House to get the endorsement of President Bush."

Eltife said nothing can stop McCain now, not even at age 71.

"Despite his age, I mean that's what's amazing he can run circles around me, the guy is incredible and is relentless," said Eltife.

And while the Democratic contenders continue to duke it out, Eltife said McCain will hit home his policies on things like the Iraq War and security concerns in more town hall-style meetings.

"He's funny, he's lively, and I think he connects more with people in those settings," said Eltife.  "I think you'll see a lot more of those between now and November."

Yet for now, the Republican presidential candidate is catching his breath and savoring Tuesday night's win.

Courtney Lane, Reporting