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Company Donates Fuel To East Texas Food Bank

A huge donation to the East Texas food bank, but it's not food or money. Wednesday, Beckat Oil and Fuel Company donated a fuel tank. The company then filled up the East Texas Food Bank's fuel tank with a thousand gallons of diesel fuel at wholesale cost. The company's owner says he wanted to meet a need for the community, making it possible for the East Texas Food Bank to continue covering the region's 26 counties. 

"I saw the story on TV and Mr. Bush was talking about the high price of diesel and everything, felt we needed to help them," says Robert Eckeberger, owner of Beckat Oil and Fuel Company.

"It's exciting for us actually because we cover 20,000 square miles of East Texas and so everyday we've got 18 wheelers delivering food to families and the price of fuel cuts into the amount of good work we can do so for every dollar we save in fuel costs, we're able to turn that around and make it into eight meals," says Robert Bush, Executive Director.

The East Texas Food Bank will keep the fuel tank, and Beckat Oil and Fuel will fill it periodically at wholesale price.

Tracy Watler Reporting,

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