Annual Regatta Postponed, Relaxing Weekend Continues

Memorial Day weekend brings the crowds out to the lakes, and Salina Bay is no exception. Hundreds came out to the bay on Lake Palestine Sunday for a planned sailing regatta, and even it's postponement didn't keep them from enjoying the holiday weekend.

The annual sailing regatta was scheduled for Sunday morning, but it was postponed for a lack of wind. However, to the people of Salina Bay, it didn't matter. They were still there for a good time.

Like every lake, Salina Bay attracts a crowd of regulars. People know each other there, and they're not afraid to bring their families. Mike Bodkin described the bay as a place where, "You make a lot of friends. It's a peaceful atmosphere, real quiet, lots of shade."

Sailor Paul Marshall said, "This is the best place to hang out. We've got it all, we've got RV camping, we've got tent camping, we've got Hobie sailing, we've got boat rentals, we've got Kurt cooking over there. This is the place to be in the summertime. "

The regular crowd also helps to make sure the bay stays family friendly. Marshall says, "All the adults look out for all the kids. It's a very family oriented situation out here. Tons of kids. We take care of each other."

The morning's boat race didn't go as planned. But the day on the bay wasn't a total waste. There was still plenty of fun, games, and relaxation for everybody.