Laneville Trip To Austin A Town Tradition

The Laneville Yellowjackets just keep on coming. Their upset win over Avinger Saturday night has given them another chance at a state title.

"Oh, it felt great," junior guard Byron Blanton said. "We did it last year, it's a wonderful feeling."

"A lot of folks didn't think we could do it," senior Marcus Anderson said, "since they beat us twice in district.  It was nice to have the fans believe in us the whole time."

The Yellowjackets are a team with a history. With no football, Laneville is and always has been a basketball town. Everywhere you look are reminders of the team's state championships won back in 92 and 93. This year's team knows what's at stake.

"It's a wonderful thing to be a part of," Blanton said. "Coach has been talking about it all year, we want to get our pictures on the wall."

"this is a basketball community," head coach Brian Nichols agrees. "Anytime you get a chance to represent them, it's an honor, because there's been a lot of great teams before us."

Laneville went to Austin last year, losing in the state championship. This year, they say they're ready for the big lights of the Irwin Center.

"Last year was kind of hard, being a sophomore without much experience," Blanton admits. "This year, I know my role. Being a junior, it's easier for me."

"We told them," Anderson said, "there's a lot of stuff that'll catch your eye. Stay focused. We can have fun, but we're going up there to win.

I think the kids have a little more experience," Nichols said.  "Hopefully we've learned a lot and grown up over the year."

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