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3/4/08- Brownsboro, Murchison

Possible Tornado Rips Through Dozens Of East Texas Homes

"I've always heard it sounds like a freight train and I'm here to tell you it really does sound like a freight train," said Scott Griffith, whose home was damaged.   "Sounds of metal crashing and breaking."

With an insurance agent by his side, Griffith surveyed the damage to his home.

"What started out with just a light shower then the hail came, then the winds came, and then stuff started moving on us and this all transpired in about one minute," said Griffith.

Trees snapped, power out, and the metal roof of his barn peeled right off like tin-foil.

A large section of that roof blew off, the wind hurling it over Griffith's home. The twisted metal was then caught in a tree some 100 yards away."

"It was really crazy because it just hit random places," said Lauren Scott, who lives nearby.

About a mile down the road lies crunched metal and insulation that used to provide a mother and her two children shelter. Still shaken up, that family did not want to talk, but the mother's sister, who lives next door, said it was terrifying.

"She heard banging or something and had got up and jerked him out of the crib and got her other 5 year old boy and got them in the bathtub," said Scott.

Fortunately everyone walked away without serious injuries, but they're now left wondering just what it was that hit them.

"It's hard to say, we couldn't see whether it was circular wind or straight-line wind, but I don't know if straight-line wind is capable of doing something like this," said Griffith.  "My guess is it was probably a tornado."

The National Weather Service may come out Wednesday to investigate whether this was a tornado.

Courtney Lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com  

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