Shot Five Times, Caffey Father Is Now Out Of The Hospital

The Caffey family
The Caffey family

Tyler (KLTV) - KLTV 7 News has learned that Terry Caffey, the father who was allegedly shot by a group of teenagers in Emory over his daughter's relationship with her ex-boyfriend, has been released from the hospital. This was confirmed by Caffey's pastor, who has been in constant contact with the family since the Saturday morning incident.

Caffey was in his house when police say his daughter and three of her friends entered his house and shot and stabbed his wife, two sons, and him. The group is also accused of burning the house down to the ground after the shootings. Terry Caffey was able to crawl to a neighbor's house to call for help.

Terry Caffey survived, while his wife, Penny Caffey, and two sons, Matthew and Tyler, died in the attack.

Erin Caffey, the sixteen year old daughter, and her three accomplices are in jail tonight, charged with 3 counts of capital murder each.

Cathryn Khalil, reporting.