Suspects In Teen Murder Plot Arraigned Today

James Neal Perkins and April Rhoten, both 18, of Tyler, were arraigned today in a Smith County courtroom on conspiracy to commit murder charges in Smith County. Perkins and his girlfriend, Rohten, were arrested on Monday and charged with planning to kill Rhoten's foster father by slitting his throat while he slept.

Rhoten's father, identified as Dennis Rhoton, adopted April when she was a young child.

"There was no exact time that I was aware of when this was going to carry out, but I do know this is not a copy cat of the recent incident in Rains County due to the fact the information received was prior to the incident," said Tyler Police Officer Don Martin.

Police say April Rhoten blamed her father for her parent's divorce and made allegations her father beat her, but police say they don't believe the beating allegations are true.

Both Perkins and Rhoten's bail were set at $750,000.

Cathryn Khalil, reporting.