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3/3/2008-Rains County

911 Tape & Arrest Affidavit Reveal Info On Caffey Murders

Disturbing new details have come to light in a horrific triple murder. On Saturday in Rains County, near Emory the bodies of 37 year old Penny Caffey and her sons 13 year old Matthew and 8 year old Tyler were found inside their home, which had been burned to the ground. The family's father Terry Caffey was also shot but survived. He is in the hospital.

KLTV 7 obtained the arrest affadavit, saying the Caffey's 16-year old daughter, Erin, and her boyfriend, Charlie James Wilkinson, were both in on the planning.

They are both charged with capital murder, along with another couple, 20 year old Charles Allen Waid and 18 year old Bobbi Gale Johnson.

In fact Terry Caffee, the father, had told authorities he had made Wilkinson and Erin break up the day before. He said it was Charlie Wilkinson, his daughter's boyfriend who broke into his house and shot him. He escaped, crawled to the neighbors house who then called 911. The Rains County Sheriff's Department released the tape.

"Operator: 911, what's your address and emergency?

Tommy: This is Tommy Gaston... I've got a man who's been shot, out at my house.

911 Operator: Okay, he's been shot?

911 Operator: There are a few questions I need to ask you, okay. We're going to get you an ambulance, I need you to stay on the line with me. Are you with the patient right now?

Tommy: Yes

911 Operator: How old is he?

Tommy: 41

911 Operator: Is he conscious?

Tommy: Yes

911 Operator: is he breathing?

911 operator: Sir? When did this happen?

Tommy: I don't know.. Just a little bit ago... And we've also got a house on fire out here.

911 Operator: And the house is on fire?

Tommy: Yes

Tommy:I don't know any more details, I've got to hang up and help him."

Now from the arrest affidavit we learned more about what happened before that call. Charlie Wilkinson told authorities he and Erin were in love and that her parents had to die for them to be together. It also said all four suspects had discussed on many occasions when, where, and how to kill the Caffeys.

Wilkinson reportedly said he and Charles Waid tried to get into the house late Friday, but could not because the family dog was barking. That's when he says Erin called them, saying to come back an hour later, when the dog would be quiet. When Wilkinson, Waid, and Bobbi Johnson came back, they picked up Erin, and all four discussed again how the murders would be carried out. Wilkinson and Waid then went into the master bedroom and shot both Terry and Penny Caffey.

It's at this point, the affadavit says Matthew and Tyler Caffey came into the master bedroom. Wilkinson said he and waid told them to go back to their room. They later reportedly went into the room and shot Matthew in the head, then stabbed both of the boys with swords.

Once the murders were done, Wilkinson says they stole money and jewelry from the house, then used lighters to set it on fire. In a separate interview with investigators, Erin Caffey said that fire was the only thing she remembered from that terrible night. Investigators also tell KLTV 7 the suspect, Charles Waid, was reportedly promised $2,000 to help in the murders.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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