Severe Storms Pound On Several East Texas Homes

Severe weather took its toll on some East Texas homes this morning.

The National Weather Service is saying an "unconfirmed tornado" may be responsible for major home damage in Henderson county.

All that's left of Lacey Scott's trailer home is debris and broken memories, after an early morning storm ripped through her Brownsboro neighborhood.

"The roof blew off and I woke up and put my kids in the bath tub and waited for it to be over. It knocked my house about a foot forward and it split it down the middle. All my pictures fell off the wall and broke. Everything is broken and ruined," said Scott.

A couple of miles down the road, the storm blew a tree down, crushing a home into pieces.

"As I closed the door to the laundry room, the tree fell into the kitchen area. As quick as it started it was over. I never had any big trees fall like this.  It sounded like like a tornado to me. Real loud whistling noise and wind blowing," said Kyle Bridges.

More than twenty homes were severely destroyed in the Brownsboro community, but residents say even though they may have lost their homes, they still have their lives.

"We knew we had  problems when we saw all the lightning and wind blowing. Frankly, we're just glad God spared our lives in the whole deal," said Brownsboro homeowner Scott Griffith.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting