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Pastor Talks About Caffey Family

The Caffey family was very much involved in their church, singing and playing several instruments in the band.  The pastor of the Miracle Faith Baptist Church and his wife have visited Terry Caffey in the hospital every day since that tragic Saturday morning.

A photo of the Caffey family, taken from a 2004 church directory, tells the story of what everyone describes as a perfect, loving family.

"Just a sweet family, the kids were very respectful," said Pastor Todd McGahee.  McGahee and his wife, Rebecca, have known the Caffeys for almost a year now through their church, Miracle Faith Baptist.

"It didn't really hit me until I came in Sunday and saw the piano, and saw where Bubba played the guitar, where the kids sat," said McGahee.  "It really hit me, and I think it hit a lot of people."  Now, instead of preaching to the father, Terry, from the pulpit, Pastor McGahee does it from a hospital bedside.

"He's doing much better physically, and he's holding up emotionally and spiritually, and it will take time," said McGahee.  As for the daughter, Erin, he's trying to visit her in juvenile detention. Pastor McGahee said he had talked to the Caffeys about Charlie Wilkinson and knew the couple disapproved of their daughter dating him.

"We can sit and wish that we had done other things, and saw signs, but it won't do any good," said McGahee.  "You know, what I knew of Charlie, he seemed like a nice boy."  Despite the accusations against the four teenagers, including Erin Caffey and Charlie Wilkinson, McGahee said the community should stand behind them.

"We have to understand that they're not monsters," said McGahee.  "They're kids, and they just chose the wrong path and believed a lie is what it boils down to."  The pastor said if you can't forgive right now, at least find solace in one thing.

"No matter what happens here, Penny and Bubba and Tyler are in Heaven, and that's what we have to draw from," said McGahee.  Sunday, the couple also visited with Bobbi Gale Johnson, one of the suspects, in jail.  They didn't discuss the case, but Pastor McGahee said she was very upset and "a scared little girl."

Tracy Watler, Reporting,

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