A Better East Texas: Teen Pregnancy Oscar

I was  a little shocked last week when I heard one of the Oscar winning movies described as "a comedy on teenage pregnancy". I'm not judging the movie because I haven't seen it.

But I understand it does deal with many of the realities. On the one hand, teen pregnancy marks the beginning of a new life. On the other it's a life altering experience for the boy and girl that conceive the baby.

Regrettably, the electronic age we live in today means our children's character and the decisions they make might more easily be influenced by a source outside the home than in it. In fact, some experts say that many teens today don't know the values and beliefs of their own parents.

Some well meaning parents will take movies like this or the announced pregnancy of Britney Spears' teenage sister as an opportunity to have "the talk" with their children. If you're a parent, particular of young children, I would recommend you take the advice that Bill Albert, deputy director of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy gave USA Today.

He said...The old fashion notion of the big sex talk doesn't work in today's society, when young people have been bombarded with sexual images since childhood. It's not a onetime conversation. It's an 18 year conversation."