Protest For Death Row Inmate

More than two dozen Texas clergy were in Austin pleading for the life of death row inmate Napoleon Beazley.

Tuesday, Beazley is scheduled to be executed for the 1994 murder of Tylerite John Luttig.

Beazley's parents and clergy were asking Governor Rick Perry to commute the execution to life in prison because of his age. Beazley was 17 at the time of the murder.

Rena Beazley, napoleon's mother also has questions about the makeup of the jury in her son's case, "Given fact he was black," she says. "It was inevitable that was going to be verdict. Considering the act he had all white jury and I think the youngest juror was maybe 25."

Friday afternoon, the U.S. Supreme court denied Beazley's request for a stay of execution. Beazley's attorney's say they will make another attempt to stop the execution this coming Tuesday, by filing more paperwork directly with the Supreme Court.