Neighbor Talks About Slain Family

A neighbor of the Caffey family tells KLTV Sunday he hopes the Emory community will remember the family for their lives of faith and selflessness, and not just this violent tragedy.

"They were a very close family, very Christian family," says neighbor Tommy Gaston.

He tells KLTV he remembers the all the talks he would have with the Caffey family everyday.

"They were more than neighbors, they were, we called them our kids," he adds.

But he says he'll never forget that horrific Saturday morning when the father, Terry Caffey, shot and bleeding, crawled 300 yards to his house for help.

A song performed by Tommy's gospel group was sung by Penny Caffey, the mother who was killed with her sons, 8 year-old Tyler and 13 year-old Matthew... a family known for their musical talents.

"Just knowing they're gone, I can't explain anything like that," Tommy says.

He says losing penny was like losing one of his own.

"We called her our adopted daughter."

He says the Caffeys will always be remembered for their faith with a cedar wood sign he made for them to prove it.  It's still hanging where their home once stood for all to see with verse Joshua 24:15 carved out.

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord," he says reciting the verse.

"They served the Lord."

As for Terry Caffey's condition, he was treated for a gunshot wound to the head. We're also told Sunday he underwent surgery to remove four shotgun slugs in his back and shoulder.

Tracy Watler Reporting