Brutal Slaying Of Family; Daughter Arrested

It all started around 4:00 a.m., Saturday morning as a report of a house fire and shooting.  It happened at a home about halfway between Alba and Emory in Rains County.  Investigators found the bodies of Penny Caffey, 37 and her two boys Matthew, 13 and Tyler, 8.  All three were stabbed, and Penny and Matthew were also shot.

Charlie James Wilkinson, 18, Charles Allen Waid, 20 and Bobbi Gale Johnson, 18 are each charged with three counts of capital murder, but they are not alone.  Authorities say the family's 16-year-old daughter was in a relationship with one of the suspects, and she's also been charged with capital murder.

Authorities say Erin Caffey, the daughter, was dating Charlie Wilkinson against her parents wishes.  The Rains County's Sheriff said they are confident this relationship, and her parent's desire to break it up triggered this horrendous crime.

"Their parents wouldn't let them see each other, so they took it upon themselves, which is kind of sad," said classmate of the suspects Dyllon Crabb.  Authorities said Erin was found hiding at one of the suspect's homes, her own house a scene of rubble and tragedy.

"They were in the house asleep," said Rains County Sheriff David Traylor.  "The subjects came into the house."  Sheriff Traylor answered more questions, Sunday of this unthinkable crime, how the family was asleep in their beds when they were awakened.

"The victims had been shot and stabbed, and that has been confirmed by the EME's office," said Sheriff Traylor.  Penny Caffey and her son, Matthew both suffered gunshot and stab wounds.  The other son, Tyler had stab wounds.  All were found in their bedrooms.  The father and husband Terry Caffey was shot multiple times and narrowly escaped, crawling to a neighbor's house.

"Mr. Caffey was able to identify one of the individuals, and at this time three individuals are in custody in the Rains County Jail and one juvenile at the Hunt County Juvenile Detention Facility," said Traylor.

"This whole town is affected you know," said Crabb.  "It's something were not used to."  Around town those who knew the suspects suggested alcohol may have played a role.

"I think drugs and drinking probably had to play a role in it because if it was just them, they wouldn't have done it," said Dyllon.  "They probably thought twice about it."  Kalie Beasley had known Bobbi Gale Johnson, Charles Waid's girlfriend, for years.  She said when Bobbi started dating Charles she had changed.

"She wouldn't come to school a lot and would miss three days out of the week," said Beasley.  Jennifer McClanahan had gone to school with Charlie Wilkinson, Erin's boyfriend, since kindergarten.

"Last week in English Charlie was like 'my girlfriend's dad hacked into my my space,;" said McClanahan.  "He told that to the teacher."  McClanahan said she saw Charlie and Erin together at school all the time, walking around holding hands.  When asked if she thinks Charlie could do something this horrible, she said yes.

"If he wanted to be with Erin, there is no telling," said McClanahan.

Authorities did recover one small caliber gun and a knife, both of the weapons used.  Authorities also confirmed that all four of the suspects were at the scene Saturday morning, but they are not sure who actually carried out the killings.  Bond for all of them has been set at $1.5 million, $500,000 for each charge of capital murder.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.