Former President Stumps In East Texas

A last minute East Texas blitz by a former president to grab votes for the upcoming primary. Former president Bill Clinton flew into Harrison county, Sunday afternoon to drum up support for Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential bid.  The former president again hammered home his wife's ability to lead the country in areas of health care reform and the economy.

"We will have diplomacy with friend a foe alike whenever we can, and military force will be used only as a last resort not the other way around," said Clinton.  "Hillary will immediately, if she's elected, tell the joint chiefs of staff to give her a plan to start bringing the troops home from Iraq within 60 days."

"We need to stop making excuses for why America is the only country in the world that cannot figure out how to provide affordable health care to all it's people and cover everybody," said Clinton.  Mr. Clinton made campaign stops in Houston before coming to Marshall, and then headed to Wichita Falls.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.