Forest Whitaker Stops In East Texas On Behalf Of Obama

First Samuel L. Jackson and now Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker made his way to East Texas on behalf of Barack Obama.  Whitaker spoke at Wiley College in Marshall, Sunday.  It's a familiar place.  Whitaker starred in the movie The Great Debaters, which featured Wiley College's 1935 debate team.  Whitaker was also born in Longview.

Whitaker was a big hit, Sunday throwing his support for Obama on issues like health care and putting an end to the war in Iraq.  His biggest message was simple, the power of voting.

"There's a two step process here, the process of the primary and then the caucusing, which is really important," said actor Forest Whitaker.  "Make sure they go out, and get their friends, and tell their family and tell everyone if they can, to make sure that they vote because voting is important.  You need to have your own voice."

"It makes me realize that he remembers where he comes from," said undecided voter Venesia Adams.

"How many times in your life do you get a chance to meet an oscar winner," said Whitaker fan Josh Bush.  "He is a Hollywood heavyweight."  Around 200 people attended the rally at Wiley College.  Whitaker also spoke at Tyler's Obama Headquarters, Sunday afternoon.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.